C&G 2382-22 - NEXT COURSE DATES: Monday 20th May 2024

                                                                                               Thursday 20th June 2024


18th Edition Regulations - Amendment 2

Amendment 2 of BS 7671 was published on March 26th 2022: Amendment 2 (2022),

The City & Guilds 2382-22 exams will reflect only this edition of the regulations.

The course is aimed at practising electricians and electrical contractors and is intended to ensure that they are conversant with the format, content and application of BS 7671: 2018-22. The course is also suitable for others who may require a basic working knowledge of BS 7671-2018-22

From April 2022 only the 18th Edition (brown cover) will be permitted when designing, erecting, and inspecting and testing electrical installations

 This qualification will be assessed by a 60 item multiple choice examination that is delivered onscreen via the City & Guilds e-volve system. The examination will have a 2-hour duration. This assessment will align fully to the new 18th Edition (Brown).

We are often asked if there will there be an assessment available to cover only the differences between the 18th Amd 1 and 18th edition Amd 2?   the short answer is no, an agreement was made between all Awarding Organisations and the JIB that all examinations based on BS 7671 should assess that candidates are able to demonstrate understanding of all parts, not just changes between editions.

There are no formal entry requirements, but candidates should be literate in the terminology used in an electrical engineering environment and have a basic knowledge of the technical aspects of electrical systems in domestic, commercial or industrial installations.    

On the course candidates will study:

- Detailed examination of all parts of BS 7671;

- Selection and sizing of cables;

- Sizing of protective conductors;

- Using the IEE On-Site Guide;

- Preparation for City & Guilds 2382-18 examination.

The course duration is between 7 and 30 hours depending on your current status - sessions consists of formal instruction and culminates in a 2 hour 60 question multiple choice online exam covering the underpinning knowledge relating to the content and application of BS 7671:2018 - 18th Edition. The exam is 'open book', meaning during the two-hour exam you will be able to refer to the 18th edition regulations book.

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